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The Label Edition

The Label Edition brand was founded in 2019 by two experts in the world of fashion and luxury. Their fashion concept is based on current trends with garments that never go out of fashion.

The brand's headquarters are located in the Spanish city of Barcelona, where Véronique Vaillant von Siebenthal and Laura Johansson develop all their creativity to produce unique garments. Both are convinced that fashion should always complement the essence and personality of a woman and they project this in each of their pieces.

Discover the garments of The Label Edition collection

Each and every one of their garments reflects the liberation of women, garments that exude elegance with a modern and very inspiring touch. Each garment is designed to work well on its own as a wardrobe staple. Or put them together to create a special and perfect look. 

Their collections are made with the best quality materials, to guarantee durability above all. In their values they pay special attention to detail and seek constant improvement in the manufacture of their garments to always offer the best. Each and every one of their pieces is made by craftsmen using traditional methods.

Tops and shirts by The Label Edition

The Label Edition tops and shirts are perfect for any occasion. In their extensive catalogue you can find beautiful monochrome tops with puffed sleeves that you can combine with jeans and ballerinas, you will get the ideal look to go to the office.

In case you are looking for something different, don't worry, The Label Edition women's shirts have that classic look that we like so much, which you can combine with the matching trousers or with a skirt and a high heel for a groundbreaking outfit.

We have short sleeve and long sleeve shirts and tops in plain prints, a basic in your wardrobe easy to combine to get the most successful look.

A different touch to your looks with women's tops and shirts.

At La Folie Santander we firmly believe that whatever you're looking for, The Label Edition has it. That's why we give you a wide range of tops and shirts to choose from, perfect for the modern woman who is confident and has a zest for life.

The range includes timeless, high quality garments that are perfect for everyday looks and of course for special occasions - enjoy exclusive pieces with unique finishes at a very affordable price!  

We invite you to fall in love with the creations of The Label Edition in our online or physical shop La Folie Santander.