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Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner was created in 2007 by Brigitte Raben Olrik and is defined as a young, innovative and adventurous brand. It is aimed at women who are looking for their own style with a lot of personality. The collections are inspired by the designer's travels, which is why the garments have an exotic and different touch.

Get to know the Rabens Saloner collections

The philosophy of the brand is fundamentally based on the use of artisan methods to make their garments. Rabens Saloner presents the perfect fusion between exoticism and elegance with an urban touch.

Its unique prints, made with the best quality fabrics and fresh designs contribute to the genuine concept that characterises all Rabens Saloner garments.

Rabens Saloner women's fashion dresses

Rabens Saloner women's dresses are very special pieces, made to make every woman feel unique. Rabens Saloner's extensive collection of dresses goes beyond fashion, with exclusive, original and lively prints.

Discover the complete catalogue of Rabens Saloner dresses with us in our online and physical shop in La Folie Santander. 

Rabens Saloner dresses stand out for their colours and high quality materials. In terms of design, they stand out for their elegant and fresh finish. Buy Rabens Saloner dresses is an exclusive option for women who are looking for a striking style and perfect for any occasion.

Perfect women's trousers from Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner women's trousers come in a variety of styles - skinny, skinny, baggy - keeping elegance and casual in perfect harmony when it comes to dressing. Made with exclusive materials, their trousers have been designed for women who are looking for something different.

You can combine them with a T-shirt for a more casual look or with a shirt and you will get a perfect look for a day at the office.

Where to buy Rabens Saloner?

You can find a wide variety of Rabens Saloner clothes at La Folie Santander. Rabens Saloner collections have elegant and exclusive designs designed for a demanding female public.

If you want to buy Rabens Saloner, be sure to visit our shop in La Folie Santander and let yourself be seduced by unique garments that overflow with mysticism and glamour in every finish. You won't be able to resist!