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Absolut Cashmere

Why do we love cashmere garments so much? We know that to buy a garment with this fabric, the budget is usually a bit high, but it is a worthwhile investment. In La Folie Santander's online and physical shop you will find Absolut Cashemere garments adapted to all budgets.

Discover the Absolut Cashemere collection

This type of garments arouse the interest of all publics, since the cashmere fibre acts as a second skin for us, that is the reason why people with allergy problems prefer garments of this type of fabric. In addition, during the winter it can become our inseparable friend, as it keeps us warm and at the same time it is breathable.

The Absolut Cashemere brand has created more than 30 bright and vibrant colours to brighten up every woman's wardrobe. The fibre dyeing process is the best, using pigments that are fully dosed, making the products durable and of high quality. The materials used to make these garments are cashmere, linen and cotton to create unique and modern pieces.

The perfect women's garments from Absolut Cashemere

In this great selection of garments you can find; jumpers, gloves and sweatshirts, we are sure that they will be your best allies for those cold and long winter days.

The brand tells the story of a woman with a touch of madness but at the same time traditional, it encourages to highlight feminine beauty, elegance and bring a touch of colour to the lives of all women. The garments are perfect for those who are looking for a basic look for the office or to spend an afternoon with friends, combined with jeans and your favourite boots, the real basic wardrobe essentials that you will want to have in all the colours that exist, and they will also become your lifeline when those crises of not knowing what to wear appear.

The main challenge of Absolut Cashemere is to preserve the environment, so to carry out their collections they do it with the utmost respect for both breeders and their livestock, thus ensuring the best quality garments.

Feel as if you were floating on a soft cloud of cotton with this wide collection of Cashmere garments in colours as original as purple, orange, blue, bougainvillea, etc.

Now you have no excuse to get a jumper in the colour of your choice from Absolut Cashemere in our online and physical shop La Folie Santander!