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Samsoe Samsoe

In the beginning the brand was oriented towards the world of jewellery, but in the year 2000 Peter Sextus and Per-Ulrik expanded the brand into an internationally recognised brand for footwear, clothing and fashion accessories.

Their collections go beyond current trends and are inspired by the renowned Scandinavian fashion tradition. All their clothes are based on a minimalist style, very Nordic and at affordable prices for all budgets.

Meets Samsoe Samsoe clothing collection

Its wide collection of clothes includes all the necessary garments for the day to day and special events. You'll find everything from everyday office wear to sophisticated event wear. The key is to choose the right accessories. The brand's main objective is to offer variety and quality in each of its products.

With a nod to its Scandinavian heritage, Samsoe Samsoe defines itself as a versatile brand that perfectly combines the urban style of the city of Copenhagen with the Scandinavian spirit.

Samsoe Samsoe women's jumpers and jackets

Discover Samsoe Samsoe women's jumpers and jackets, knitted jumpers with or without buttons, perfect jumpers for winter: knitted, short or long. You can combine them with jeans for a more casual look or with a skirt for an evening outfit.  

Samsoe Samsoe has a wide range of jumpers in various colours, white, blue, brown, striped, endless possibilities. Samsoe Samsoe jumpers are comfortable, with a very nice touch and of course very easy to combine.

Samsoe Samsoe summer dresses

Samsoe Samsoe's wide selection of dresses are perfect for any occasion. Perfect for a summer barbecue at a friends house or special dinners. Shop Samsoe Samsoe's summer dresses for the perfect wardrobe staple.

If you are looking for a summer dress, we are sure you will find the perfect summer dress at Samsoe Samsoe by La Folie Santander.

Samsoe Samsoe bags for women

There is one accessory we can't live without: the handbag, a necessary and useful accessory to carry all those things we need. Handbags are undoubtedly an essential that accompanies you every day and on any occasion.  Women's bags have been gaining prominence and give the looks a special touch.  

In our online and physical shop La Folie Santander you will find a wide range of Samsoe Samsoe garments and accessories to get a dream look.