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Antik Batik

Antik Batik is a brand of the Italian-born designer Gabriella Cortesa, who draws inspiration for her collections from French fashion and design.  This travelling soul has travelled to many countries in search of inspiration.

On her trip to Bali, she discovered the batik technique, which consists of printing on silk fabric that all women wear on their clothes, dresses, trousers, T-shirts, etc.

This is how the first name of the brand, Antik Batik, came about and the designer added Batik to it. In her garments she uses techniques such as embroidery and bandhan. Another characteristic is that the dyeing process is handmade. In our La Folie Santander shop you can find different garments of this bohemian style brand.

Antik Batik Collections

Gabriela and her team of artisans use all the traditional techniques to carry out their collections, with a lot of patience and care. The designer says that she loves that all the pieces are handmade, that's why they dedicate time and love to each garment or accessory they make. "I love clothes that have soul".

We could define the concept of this brand as boho-chic, ethnic prints, full of colour and in each of them you can appreciate the inspiration of the different trips she has made. It encourages today's women to get out of the monotony and boring looks and try something different.

The brand has a wide variety of garments and accessories. Among them are long, light and very feminine dresses for fashion-conscious women. All Antik Batik garments are very timeless and are perfect to enjoy a sunny day with the family, or to go to the office. Among the accessories, their incredible bags stand out, with floral prints and in different tones.

Antik Batik Collection Shirts

Antik Batik's garments and accessories are characterised by that multicultural touch that inspired the creator to create these pieces. 

Discover all the Antik Batik garments and accessories in our online and physical shop in La Folie Santander.