If there is a basic accessory that can not miss in the closet of any woman, it is undoubtedly a bag, they are very practical to store countless things, wallet, cell phone, book, etc..

Sometimes choosing the perfect bag can be a very simple process if you are clear about what you are looking for, but if it is the opposite, it can become quite a complicated task. Bags are renewed every season, some models are more fashionable than others, although they could be classified into handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, party bags and shopper.

Each of them fulfills its function in certain moments and needs. When choosing a bag it is always important that you take into account the space you need, the weight you can carry and especially if you are looking for comfort or just want to show it off.

comprar bolsos Malababa
bolsos Malababa

In our La Folie Santander store you will find a selection of Malababa handbags, perfect for any occasion. Made with the best quality materials. You will find from basic colors like black, to more striking as a fuchsia and of course prints as popular as animal print, which never go out of fashion! From La Folie Santander we bring you some Malababa bags to fill your life with color, with wonderful textures and lots of style.

The perfect Malababa bag for your special events 

If you are looking for a small bag for an event, you just have to choose your outfit, because in our store you will find the bag that best suits your style, each one is perfect for the event you have to attend and taking into account the space you need. Our handbags for special events of the Malababa brand are available in different colors and prints and are designed for a modern, modern and elegant woman.

Malababa handbags for everyday life

Are you one of those who carry everything on you? In that case you need a larger bag for the day to day and store your personal belongings, the kids' things, etc.. Malababa has the bag you are looking for. It has a wide variety of bags for all tastes.  

Discover the range of Malababa bags in La Folie, the essential accessory for every woman, they are beautiful, light, practical and very sophisticated. The unique designs and textures will give you the style you want, you just have to look for the one that suits you best at La Folie, your favorite online fashion store.