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How did the Devotion brand come about?

The Devotion brand stands out for its striking colours and quirky, quirky prints that are perfect for adding a splash of colour to a total black look. The collection is inspired by Greek culture and traditions with an ethnic twist. Devotion's vision is to create sustainability that is evident in each of their collections. Above all, they are an honest company, loyal to their customers and of course modern. Devotion represents a bohemian lifestyle that anticipates all trends.

Devotion, clothing style and accessories

Its designer is the well-known Athina Parnasa, of Greek origin, who shows us a natural style through each of her garments. The style with which the brand identifies itself has ethnic embroidery and a slight Mediterranean touch, and its garments stand out for being somewhat daring, sexy and very feminine.

The brand combines nature and the influence of Greek culture to create elegant and original harmonious combinations that adapt perfectly to all seasons. In its collections, we can highlight clean lines, minimal structures, geometric patterns and a high aesthetic level. Delicacy is also observed in each of its handmade products.

You can find the best jackets of the brand Devotion in our online and physical shop La Folie Santander. These pieces stand out for their colourful prints of two or more shades and above all very cheerful. This type of prints is ideal with basic looks to add a different touch and understand fashion and design as an art that we must apply to our lifestyle.

At La Folie Santander we are committed to offering exclusive, high quality brands that at the same time take care of the environment. These garments from the Devotion brand stand out for their softness, touch and lightness that you will fall in love with as soon as you see them.

With the Devotion jackets collection you will be able to give an ethnic touch to your autumn/winter outfits. Combine them with jeans and simple military boots and you will have a spectacular look. 

The brand offers customers the possibility of acquiring exclusive garments of the best quality, which you can find in our online and physical shop La Folie Santander. The collection that we have available on our website ranges from size S to size M.

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